Thursday, September 27, 2012

Half Marathon: NUMERO DOS

Saturday I ran my second Half Marathon... I knew this race would be A LOT harder than the first one I did last year AND I knew my time wouldn't be grand or anywhere near my goal time of 2 hours... and boy was I right...

The weeks leading up to race day I had scoped out the proposed route because another runner friend had told me that this was a REALLY HARD route and "everything was going fine and then when I got to Bunker Hill everything turned to H***"..  I drove the route and found myself more panicked about a hill that was 4 miles long than the steep shorter hills on bunker hill that she was talking about......


Lets fast forward to race day now...

I left my house earlier so I could do my late registration (I know, I know- I procrastinate), I got there at 7:45, registered, stood around for a while, walked back and forth to the restroom three times,came back and stood around some more trying to see if there would be anyone I knew running with me but unfortunately there wasn't anyone- only a bunch of out of towners...

As it got closer to 9 O'clock, the race directer talked to us for a few minutes told us where the water stops were and also said that the course was comparable to the Peachtree Road Race.. At the time I thought.. 'hmmm. well that wont be too bad, I finished that with a pretty decent time'.

We started our way down the course.... For the first mile I tried picking out who I would pace myself with... Once I found them we ran together for about 7 miles... We ran all the way up the 4 mile hill together then stopped at a water station before we headed out Bunker Hill.. I was so happy that I was half way through and still felt OK... We ran up the first short steep hill on Bunker Hill..My legs were starting to burn!!! When the next one came around they were on fire and shaking!! I made it half way up the 2nd hill and had to start walking.. As soon as I got to the top I started slowly pushing myself to a 'jog' (eeeh that word makes me cringe). After a  few more of those hills I finally made it back to the four lane..  My legs felt shot but I kept pushed as hard as I could for about 2 more miles...

With-in the last two miles I felt like I couldn't go any further... I was irritated because the only thing they offered was water... I was used to drinking some sort of sports drink during my long runs.. My head hurt. My legs hurt and felt like jello. I was trying to ward off an upset stomach and I couldn't help but want to smack myself for even thinking I could MAYBE run a full marathon next year..

I watched my goal time tick by and my last half marathon time inch closer... I literally felt like laying down in the middle of the road and crying... THEN I saw my husband and kids drive by... They cheered for me and that pepped me up... It didn't really motivate me to move any faster but it got me back to a on/off shuffle instead of a mopey walk....

When I finally got back to the park I checked my watch and was a little disappointed that I didn't set a PR... But at the same time I was so glad that I didn't decide to give up...

I slowly crossed the finish line with a time of 2:16 and with a 2nd place age group medal.. (there was probably only 2 in my age group, haha)

The course was a challenge all in itself... Now the question is.. Will I ever do this miserable race again??? Only time will tell... =) It's kinda like child birth.. You say you'll NEVER do it again, but you do...

Check back- I'll have a Review and Giveaway soon... Well... as soon as I get done reviewing anyways..

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Runners Survey

I actually found this survey on (Christy) another bloggers page earlier... I haven't blogged in a while.. So I thought "why not"... =)
What is your favorite type of cross training?                                                                          Free weights or my stationary bike.... I would like to try crossfit... We'll see.                                           
What is your favorite song(s) to run to?
Gosh that's a hard one..  Luke Bryan- Country Girl.. Clutch-Electric Worry..MercyMe-Move..Dierks Bently- 5-1-5-0 Train- 50 Ways to say goodbye.. The Donnas-Take it off...  (I don't have a specific type of music I listen to.)
What brand shoes do you wear when you run?
I am a very loyal Saucony wearer... Currently I where the Guide 5... Big, bulky and ugly but so far they have kept me pain free *knock on wood*
Do you wear a hat when you run?
Headband in the summer... beanie in the winter
What temperature is your favorite for running?
40-55... Cooler temps don't really bother me too much.. If I layer right I am usually fine... Usually the only thing that stays cold is my fingers...
Do you have any big races coming up?
I have a half in a couple of weeks, I am almost terrified to do.. one of the hills is over 1.5 miles long... 8-|  I am afraid it's going to be harder than the first one I did last year in Nashville... I'm also afraid of how disappointed I will be of myself when I don't PR..
What is your favorite distance?
I love the longer distances. I've only done 1 half but, I still do long runs every weekend.. I consider myself more of a distance runner than a short distance racer... I can be fast if I REALLY try(of course not the fastest-just faster).. But I feel more accomplished and proud of myself when I finish a good long run.. :)
Are you a morning, noon or evening runner?                                                              Most of the time I am a morning runner.  I love starting the day with a run- it seems to make everything better.
Do you run solo or with a buddy?
Solo...  :-/ I would love a buddy.. At least for the long runs... But I can't ever find anyone to do them with me... 
What’s your favorite post run snack?
Varies most of the time... Sometimes just a banana or a Zone bar, sometimes a  chocolate Syntha 6 shake... Or if I run before dinner then just whatever is for dinner..
What did you love about your first race?
The energy level, the excitement, adrenalin.
Do you enjoy getting a medal at the end?
Duh…who doesn’t?
Who is your running inspiration?
Professional or someone I actually know...?  Professional- Kara Goucher- She's an amazing and talented natural runner. She is a new mom and still made it to this years Olympics.( How many new moms could possibly do that). Someone I know- there are actually several people I  know that inspire me everyday.... My kids, new runners just getting started that are trying to get fit (because they are working 10x harder than me), the people who think I can't do it ( because being ridiculed for not doing something IS enough to inspire me to keep going).  All of my dailymile friends.. This list could go on and on.
How long have you been a runner?
I ran when I was in school (not for school, just on my own).  I quit running when I met my husband and didn't start back until a year after we had our second child... 
(Ladies) Do you run with your engagement/wedding ring on?
I actually rarely wear my wedding ring because it currently is too big.... It would get lost on the road for sure.......  What kind of question is this anyways..?
What’s your favorite workout? repeats? long runs? tempo?
Long runs…sometimes they suck, but you can’t beat the feeling of accomplishment afterward!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

10 miles with Layla

Today I went on my longest run with Layla in her stroller...I usually don't take her with me and will avoid  it if at all possible by sneaking out or getting up super early. It didn't happen this morning though...

I still got up early but, she woke up just as I was heading out the door. She begged me to let her "go wun" so of course I let her.. I grabbed her sippy cup, a banana and a few suckers (yes.... I bribe my kids if necessary) and her blanket because it was a little chilly this morning...

First off let me just say running is HARD but, stroller running is SUPER HARD. Especially when you're pushing a 28 lb human plus the weight of the stroller- it takes running to a whole new level.

My only goal was to stay at a comfortable pace and I really didn't know where that would be because the farthest I had ever ran with her before was 5 miles so, I wasn't sure how I was going to pace myself..

The first 4 miles were tough because it was nothing but hills.. When I got to mile 6, I stopped and asked her if she wanted me to take her back home so she could play with daddy and sissy. She responded with a FIRM " NO!... I jus gona wun wid you!"

I hate to say it but at the time I had really hoped she wanted to go back home. I had planned on running 12 miles but, I just couldn't imagine myself running 6 more miles with the stroller... My rear was on fire, I was tired of pushing, my body was tired and quite frankly- I'm just not that good with stroller running..

In the end I was glad she didn't want to go home.. She was a great little motivator and wonderful company. When I started feeling like I couldn't run any farther she would yell "WUN MOMMY WUN!"

If you are wondering if I will do it again.... The answer is: YES!. It was SOOOOO TOUGH  but it's so hard to find someone to company me on my runs.  I can definitely see myself taking her along with me during more long runs... I don't know if she will be able to stand sitting for the LONGER marathon training runs because she was getting a little antsy around mile 9. So I ended up cutting the run short but, if she wants to go and can stand it then I will take her anytime. Even if I have to take her home early.. I can always head back out...

There our parents out there that run marathons and even triathlons with their children.
Team Hoyt is a BIG Inspiration... Check out their website.


What's the longest distance you have went with your little ones during a stroller run???

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Ramblings

1. According to Zoe I am THE RUNNING QUEEN *NOT* The Running Mom.. She brought me this picture the other day and said "This is you running in your first marathon and you are the winner- you're saying yes, yes, yes I'm the winner!" LOL- Unfortunately I don't think I will be a winner of any race.


2. Layla shows me nearly every day how many "puuu-sups" she can do..


3. I have been able to run pretty much pain free for SEVERAL weeks now but, as it gets closer to the time for me to start my 'official  marathon training' I am getting nervous.. I'm not nervous about the marathon itself or the training because I can do it- I know I can do it.. I'm just scared of being injured and NOT even being able to make it to the starting line... :-/                                                                                                                                      


4. I have been trying to put together community group runs through Facebook.. I actually planned and attempted the first group run last night which was an epic fail... Absolutely NO ONE showed up except me, Layla and my brother in law.. We waited around for a few minutes to see if anyone came late but, it didn't happen. So we decided we would just do a short run/walk.. As soon as we took one step a big bolt of lightning struck...So we scurried back to the car... Hopefully better luck next time..

5. I have come to the conclusion that protein shakes do nothing BUT help me.. I have not drank them in a least a month and I can tell that my pace/ strength/ endurance/ EVERYTHING is suffering.. I will be getting back to drinking shakes again ASAP.

6.   I’ve been watching as much of the Olympics as I possibly can when I'm not working or stuck watching cartoons, and yes I do find myself staying up late some nights.=D  I’m really enjoying the Track & Field events (of course)… Also Swimming and Gymnastics or "buh-nastics" as my two year old would say.


 I LOVED watching Oscar Pistorius AND the Women's Marathon …
 Have you been watching the Olympics?  If so, what is/was your favorite event and athlete? 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You might be a.......

I was looking for some motivational pictures...
 Then I ran across the idea of...You might be a runner if...
 I'm not really sure when I started to consider myself as a runner...
 Maybe when I was able to run my first mile without stopping...?
When I did my first race....?
Here are some "You might be a runner" quotes that I can relate to:

~you no longer make fun of fanny packs because your running belt looks very similar (although cooler) to one.
~you're not embarrassed to wear spandex
~you know where exactly one mile from your front door is (in any direction).
~you have more running clothes than regular clothes in your laundry pile.
~your highest heels are your running shoes

~you think runners trots is a serious condition
                   ~Your feet look like you've spent 10 years in a Vietnamese POW camp.
~Pedicures require dark polish. No exceptions.

~You don't laugh at the word "Fartlek'

~Coworkers no longer ask what you did this weekend – they ask how far you went.

~You start planning the family vacation around races, and vice-versa.

~You're embarrassed that you've only done a 5k/10k/Half Marathon, etc..

~You get the urge to kill when you hear "Run Forest run".

~Your calves are bigger than your biceps.

~you have more T-shirts than a souvenir shop

~You have vowed to never go on a 'long run' again without toilet paper.

~You pass on dress clothes for running gear.

~you get a tad jealous when you see someone else running even though you've already put in miles for the day.

~You find the word "jog" offensive.

~Your 2 year has formed a habit of asking how your run was.

Can you relate to any of these...?
When did you consider yourself a runner?? 

Monday, August 6, 2012

100 Random Things About Me

  1. "Hope" is actually my middle name.
  2. I was named after Hope from Days of Our Lives.
  3. Michelle is my first name.
  4. I really don't care for my first name.
  5. I am married.
  6. I actually met my husband in town. He saved my cousin and I from an old nasty drunk man.. 
  7. I also have two kids (Girls)
  8. I have two younger brothers.
  9. My parents are divorced.
  10. My favorite colors are pink and blue.
  11. I do not like to cook.
  12. I do not care for cats.....I think they are weird...
  13. I have never had a good drivers license picture. 
  14. I listen to almost any type of music.
  15. EXCEPT screamo or anything in a different language.
  16. I have a Peanut allergy.
  17. I love bananas but, dislike anything banana flavored.
  18. I LOVE coffee.
  19. Cinnabon creamer is the BEST.
  20. I love black and white pictures.
  21. I have never been able to sit down to "read a good book".
  22. I do however enjoy reading magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc.
  23. I love to read about peoples goals and accomplishments
  24. I have a tattoo on my lower back.
  25. I would be out of luck if it were not for the address book in my phone.
  26. Smoking is obnoxiously disgusting.
  27. I really want to cut my hair short.
  28. I'm way to chicken to cut it short though.
  29. I have deja vu pretty often.
  30. My car is usually complete mess.
  31. I hate storms..They scare the living poo out of me.
  32. I absolutely hate doing laundry.
  33. It un-nerves when when people blow their nose at a restaurant. 
  34. I am addicted to running.
  35. I've actually lost 50 pounds because of it.
  36. I still don't know what size bra I should be wearing.
  37. I would love to be able to say I am a healthy eater but, I'm not.
  38. I love, love, love my Garmin watch.
  39. I have to keep my toenails cut super short.
  40. Long toenails and running  is painful.
  41. I plan to run a marathon spring 2013.
  42.  I also want to do The Tough Mudder.
  43. I wear a size 10 shoe.
  44. Sometimes I count when I run.
  45. My favorite athletic shoe brand is Saucony.
  46. I got dusted in my last 5k by a 10 year old boy.
  47. I spit when I run. A LOT. So watch out.
  48. It really irritates me when people tell me "running is bad for you".
  49. I think being fat is bad for you.
  50. I would like to be able to qualify for the Boston Marathon in the next 10 years.
  51. I have a goal of starting an active running group.
  52. I would like to become an RRCA Certified Coach.
  53. I think if you wear cute workout clothes it makes you feel more confident about yourself.
  54. Which in turn makes you workout harder/better.
  55. I yell at my husband when he drives.....It's hard not to.
  56. I can't believe you're still reading this.
  57. I don't understand politics.
  58. I tend to confuse myself with then and than.
  59. Getting magazines in the mail just make my day.
  60. Plants look at me and die. They don't stand a chance around me.
  61. I have the nose of a blood hound.
  62. I would really like to learn archery.
  63. I eat my food one thing at a time... This apparently is not normal.
  64. I do not take my time when I text. My messages usually liok loke tihs.
  65. I used to shave my arms.
  66. I also used to wear VERY bright blue eye make up.
  67. Now I wear neutral colors.
  68. Lipstick looks ridiculous on me.
  69. I do not sing or dance in front of anyone but my kids.
  70. I used to hate mushrooms. Now I LOVE them.
  71. I do not like onions. But LOVE onion Loafs.
  72. I think facebook is a waste of time.
  73. yet I find myself on it way to much.
  74. I played Soccer in High school.
  75. My best friend and I headbutted each other during a game. ( not on purpose)
  76. She received a black eye. I  had a third eye on the top of my forehead. 
  77. I am very uncomfortable with myself when we go to the community pool.
  78. I often wonder how people that are 5X my size are able to strut around in a bikini.
  79. My biggest pet peeve is  seeing a child incorrectly strapped into a car-seat.
  80. I have only called 911 one time.
  81. I actually called to report a 2 year not being in a carseat. He was sitting in the seat of the car... Idiot!
  82. I am not, and have NEVER been one of the "cool"  kids.
  83. I am horrible at dressing myself.
  84. I could almost qualify for What Not to Wear.
  85. I can't stand to sleep with socks on.
  86. I also can't stand knick knacks.
  87. When giving out directions I rarely use road names.
  88. My directions are usually given with landmarks.
  89. When I mis-spell a word I have the tendency to erase the entire word.
  90. I've only had poison Ivy/Oak one time.
  91. I get VERY uncomfortable at funerals... Who doesn't....?
  92. I used to want and expensive Coach purse.
  93. Then I got smart.....
  94. What's the point in having a purse that's worth more then my bank account...
  95. I wanted to be a Dentist when I was little.
  96. That didn't happen.
  97. I now work for a Dentist.
  98. No.....I can not diagnose your toothache..
  99. I hate being in my house for more than 48 hours without getting in the car and going somewhere.
  100. It took me forever to think of 100 things

Monday, July 30, 2012

Motivational Mondays....

I have decided to try doing a motivational Monday every week... Check out my blog every Monday for a little bit of motivation.  It may be some inspiring quotes or pictures or, a little paragraph to tell you that you're a wimp for not running or working out. I may talk a little bit about my weight-loss and goals that I have achieved OR even have a 'Guest Blogger'... I'll try to have it on here first thing on Monday mornings from now on..

After being sick with some sort of chest cold for the past 2 weeks and feeling like I was breathing through a burning paper bag I was able to run in the Green Bean Festival 5k  on Saturday morning AND, I got 2nd in the Women's 20-29 age group. It was nowhere near one of my best 5k times but, I am glad that I was able to participate in it.

After the race we found a lady at the festival selling 'Fancy Faces'.. Of Course we HAD to do it... 
On Sunday morning the family and I went on a 2 mile run - walk.. My 6 year old has recently gotten interested in running and wants to do a "race" so we are taking baby steps to get her ready for one.. We don't have one picked out yet but hopefully we can sign up for one and complete it as a family...I think it will be fun.. You can read about my little runner here. =)

87749892709191312 h1bCegjG c Motivational Monday